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  • 1.Complete information of RMA form must be provided for immediate RMA process.

  • 2.RMA# must be placed on every package. Package without RMA# will be refused and returned at customer's expense. Improper packaging could result in the refusal of the RMA.

  • 3.Customer must include Packing List listing all items/peripherals being returned, such as card reader, power supply, etc. If no Packing List included, EVEN SYSTEMS will not be responsible for missing items.

  • 4.Our standard shipping methods are Taiwan EMS (Express Mail Service) and DHL.

  • 5.Warranty starts from the date of EVEN SYSTEMS's original invoice. If you purchased from our distributor, please consult with them about their RMA policy.

  • 6.Since service procedure may involve reformatting hard drive, re-installing operating system, or deletion of files, EVEN SYSTEMS is not responsible for any malfunction, crashes, deletion, or installation of customer's software.

  • 7.If product is out of warranty, there will be a minimum evaluation charge of USD 90/system.

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