With government agencies utilizing technology to improve security measures now more than ever, the use of touch screen and kiosk solutions are becoming mainstream. To meet this demand, EVEN SYSTEMS has developed a number of add-on options to their popular government touch screen and touch computer products to meet customer’s access control, communication, and data security needs.

For access control applications, EVEN SYSTEMS touch screen computers can be configured with a magnetic stripe reader, fingerprint biometrics, and RFID proximity add-on options which enables the touch screen computer to perform as an access control device and limit access to restricted areas within a facility. In physical security applications, our touch computers can also be configured to have integrated webcam or as a photo kiosk for applications that require visual confirmation of identity.  For data security applications, EVEN SYSTEMS touch computers can be configured with a built-in touch screen privacy filter. The integrated privacy filter protects sensitive data by ensuring that allows only the person standing directly in front of the touch screen can see the information being displayed.

EVEN SYSTEMS touch screen computers and kiosks are spill resistant and durable enough to withstand the harshest environments. Our touch screen terminals are ideal for government applications like point of sale, wireless communications, access control (physical security), data security, photo kiosk, and point of information kiosk applications.

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